About Le MinT’S

Le MinTS Adelphi

History of Le MinT’S



4 Storey Dental Centre

Building a 4 storey dental centre right in the middle of Katong focused on core values of Le MinT’S – Care, Excellence & Innovation


Launch of Digital Lab

Launch of Digital Lab with CAD/CAM technologies and lab services


Digitalisation of Clinical Workflow

Digitalisation of Clinical Workflow with Patients Management and Treatment Planning Software


Opening of Le MinT’S Dental Surgery

Expansion of Dental Surgeons Team from 7 to 11 with opening of Le MinT’S Dental Surgery in the heart of City Hall


Consolidation of East Clinics

Consolidated and moved East Clinics into a bigger unit at 160 East Coast Road and became one of the first clinics in the East to provide Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) Diagnotic services



Expansion of Le MinT’S Dental Centre

From just 2 dental surgeons to a team of 7 dentists with the expansion of Le MinT’S Dental Centre


Launch of Le MinT’S Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Branch of Le MinT’S specialising in Oral Surgeries and Dental Courses for Dental Community



Beginning of Le MinT’S

Start of Le MinT’S Dental Practice at 132 East Coast Road


Le MinT’S Philosophy


Everyone wants to visit a dentist with whom they feel comfortable, who they are sure is well qualified, very experienced and caring to their dental needs.

Achieving Dental Health is a Partnership

For the past 16 years, Le MinT’S is glad to continually serve the community’s dental needs and to provide dental care for all ages. We look forward to providing quality dental healthcare for many years to come.

Our dental team is dedicated to providing our patients with the very best quality in all aspects of dental care within a friendly and caring environment. We place a high emphasis on prevention and patient education, building close relationships with our patients. We believe in strategic partnerships of patients, laboratories, dental suppliers and professional specialists to ensure the best possible care for the dental health of our patients.

Our clinics are equipped with the latest dental chair and Radiography Imaging Machines by the world’s leading dental manufacturers. Our day surgery rooms are equipped with IV anaesthesia services and we follow surgical scrubbing protocols for dental surgical procedures. We work closely with a group of experienced and gentle anaesthetists for IV sedation and general anaesthesia.

Our clinics are fitted with digital radiography technology for diagnostics. We are able to do an Orthopantomogram (OPG), Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph (Lat Ceph), Periapical (PA) and Bitewing (BW) scan.

We also have an in-house Digital Lab to fabricate crowns within the day.

Medisave, CHAS & Pioneer Generation Accredited Clinics

Le MinT’S Clinics are Medisave, CHAS and Pioneer Generation accredited by the Ministry of Health and CPF Board for approved dental surgery procedures. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore are welcome to check with us on the usage of the Medisave and CHAS.

Please kindly call us at 6338 6123 / 6440 7321 or contact us for more information about our payment modes.

Training For Healthcare Professionals

We believe in continual training for professionals in the dental healthcare industry and have been providing courses over the years.

Please visit Courses for more information.